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Department of peptide and pharmaceutical research, founded in 2004, aims to discover, develope and deliver dermatologically active peptides that protect skin from premature signs of aging caused by harmful environmental damage and improve the appearance of the skin. The department focuses primarily on developing short peptides that efficiently inhibit or accelerate signaling pathways that eventually lead to skin damage . Peptides are currently one of the most promising agents for cosmeceutical field.

The department comprises a number of Ph.D/s and M.S/s with strong backgrounds in molecular and cellular biology , peptide chemistry, general organic synthesis, and chemical engineering ? The strong scientific and industrial backgrounds of our researchers in diverse fields enable us to discover new concepts of active peptides , to develop them as more effective ingredients, and to produce them in more cost effective ways.

The department keeps constantly eyes on new trends and the demands of the market in terms of more active ingredients and newer technologies. Our goal is to develop most biologically active peptide lines that can provide solutions to people's cosmeceuftical needs. To achieve this goal, we have formed strong network with top scientists from various universities and research institutes and assembled a key combination of people, plant and process to deliver our innovative technology, manufacturing capability and consistent quality.

We are actively seeking research, development and marketing partners who can benefit from our line of bioactive peptides . Areas of interest are antiaging, pigmentation , antimicrobial: anti-inflammation and hair growth stimulating peptides .